There are a few ground rules I will set for myself, striving for simplicity and maintaining interest in the things we're all fans of:

-- I will only review things that truly interest me, I will not attempt this half-heartedly

-- I will be very discriminatory regarding independent media.  I cannot be drawn into reading fan fiction and unpublished works.

-- I will be honest in both my expectations for upcoming projects and in my reviews of released titles.  A reader my not agree with my assessments, but rest assured that they are my honest opinion.

-- I reserve the right to make exceptions to these, and subsequent rules, on a case by case basis.  If a particular short film on Youtube, or unpublished story is brought to my attention and I truly believe that it is something that my readers may enjoy it will be mentioned.

I'm sure new things will occur to me as this expands, but I feel this sets a good foundation for what I hope this will become.

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