Saturday, July 12, 2014

The Resistance

Don Eskridge's The Resistance (2nd Edition)
Publisher: Indie Boards & Cards (2012)
Players: 5-10
Play Time: Approximately 30 minutes
Genre: Social, Deduction, Deception, Sci-Fi
Price: $19.99

Are you prepared to fight for The Resistance or will you betray your friends and join the Empire?

The Resistance pits a small group of resistance fighters against a powerful and corrupt government. The resistance has launched a series of daring missions to bring the government to its knees. Unfortunately spies have infiltrated the resistance ranks, ready to sabotage the carefully crafted plans. Even a single spy can take down a resistance mission, Choose your teams carefully or forever lose your freedom. Will the resistance be able to uncover the spies in time?

My first experience with this game came on Memorial Day of 2014. Following a family gathering some of us got together for some gaming, and what ensued was fun for all. We began with five players and soon drew spectators that couldn't help but join in, eventually growing our numbers to seven players. The Resistance is very easy to learn and teach, with the new players observing just one or two play-throughs before they were ready to join in.

The general premise of the game is that there is a team of people trying to complete five
missions to bring about the downfall of the Empire. Problems arise when the players' ranks are infiltrated by spies. The group leader (which rotates among the players) chooses teams to complete the five missions, attempting to exclude the spies from those teams, so the missions do not get sabotaged. Loyal resistance members do not know at the beginning of the game who the spies are, although the spies are aware of which players are their compatriots. So begins an exciting game of cat and mouse as each side is trying to succeed (loyalists) or fail (spies) three missions and bring about their side's desired outcome.

Gameplay involves a lot of lying for the spies, and a lot of attempts to convince everyone else that you are not a spy from everyone. While the game is fun with five or six players it really begins to shine as the group grows. When your group gets the basic concepts there are Plot Cards that expand upon what is already a deviously fun game, these cards allow for many twists and turns as identities are revealed to single players and trust and distrust are thrown about after every phase of play.

Conclusion: This game is fun for everyone, hardcore gamers and casual gamers alike. Many of the friends and family that I played with could be classified as non-gamers entirely, and everyone left the table after five hours of games with a smile on their face, talking about the numerous twists and turns during the games. If you've got a sizable group of people willing to play, and a decent poker face, this game is for you

Rating: 8/10

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